Oct 27, 2020

Modest Clothing



Oct 27, 2020

As the world becomes more connected each and every day and the internet breaks down barriers between countries and cultures; the understanding and desire around modest clothing is also reaching new heights. What might be thought of as a niche industry, modest clothing is now featuring across international fashion cities and runway shows around the globe.

Designers everywhere are tapping into the beauty and elegance of modest clothing, appealing to women with all ranges of diverse needs – whether for religion or personal choice – Are you joining the modest fashion trend?

What does ‘Modest Clothing’ Mean?

Modest Clothing

Designing luxurious modest fashion that encourages you to feel bold, be real and be you is what Bree and Sam are about. We are a Melbourne duo who pride ourselves on empowering women through fashion and finding a contemporary twist on modest clothing trends for women without sacrificing their style, beauty, or individuality.

When asked to think about modest wear, most women would likely think of the shape and style of their outfit, but we have a deeper meaning close to our hearts. By creating modest clothing with premium fabrics, beautiful designs, and feminine flows, we aim to offer inclusivity whilst meeting the needs of our customers lifestyles and fashion trending needs.

The Missing Piece

Modest Clothing

The missing piece is about connecting ALL women regardless of their background through beautifully made, stylish and modest fashion. We want women to retain their individuality and express themselves through their fashion choices.

Representing a diversity of women, we encourage women to make this collection their own – in their own way.  The Missing Piece collection was born from a desire to create a wardrobe of timeless pieces that can be worn and worn again, by all women.

From design to fruition, the Missing Piece collection was highly thought out. Adaptability was sewn into every step of the way, including design and creation. Brought to life with high quality fabric and a luxurious finish, our staples and stand out pieces will become a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Our smart layering design techniques give you the foundations to express yourself and your individual style, no matter the occasion. Our elegant turbans are created to mix and match, complementing your outfits with minimal effort and time.

Modest Clothing

The creation of this modest clothing collection was also designed around the conception of sustainable pieces, with slow fashion a key factor. The movement of designing, creating and purchasing garments for quality and longevity is close to our hearts.

With quality fabrics and beautiful designs our modest clothing collection is created for the long run. A favourite that will always be in reach when you open your wardrobe, our collection aims to give you the perfect range of staple pieces so you’ll never have to worry about what outfit you’re going to put on for the day ahead.

We have designed our collection to help embrace your personal style and enhance your inner beauty.

Empowered Together

Modest Clothing

With  inclusivity in mind, we aim to meet the needs of our customer’s choices. We want you to embrace this contemporary twist on some of our favourite modest trends, no sacrifice needed in style, beauty or individuality.

We are delightfully excited about the opportunity to empower women and connect you all through fashion!

We hope you love it!

Bree &Sam xx

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